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Crazy tour in southern Styria


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Today Diego has experienced crazy places in southern Styria with Markus and me live. I think he partly did not believe it, what is there.
It was a nice and relax classic tour.
Diego took some pictures and I hope he will share them with you.









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I was about to open a new post to explain where we have been, but you already did it!

Well on Saturday, with this fact that Markus is now like a boy with his new toy and he had to test his new Sport 100 mono, the two guys decided to bring me in in a new place here in Styria, in the south-eastern area also known as Vulkanland, on the border with Slovenia.

We visited two of the most crazy places I ever seen:

The fist one is the Camel Wirt - you can see the official website here: http://www.pechmanns-alte-oelmuehle.at/ . It's a private collection of... whatever! Aircrafts, helicopters, ships, uniforms, jet-engines, cars, motorcycles...

Here some pictures:


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The second place we visited is the Bulldog Wirt.

@Duci told me there would have been this old man riding a second-world-war sidecar with his rottweiler dressed as a german trooper sitting next to him but when I saw them... damn! I started laughing loud and stopped after half an hour?

20180908_171635-01.jpeg.995f4fe9bcf405c1b720289ce55ed640.jpeg20180908_171611-01.jpeg.dbedd168b90a39504999254695598e2d.jpegHere some more pics


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