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Hola from Barcelona


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Buenos dias everybody!


I'm Sebastien from Barcelona. It's time for a small introduction about myself.

In 2006 I felt in love with the Ducati Sportclassic, but I didn't had the money to afford it, so I started to save money to buy one. Mission accomplished in 2011 when I bought my Sport 1000 S.

Since I've bought my Sport 1000 S, ive been doing some small upgrades and I kept saving money and bought parts from time to time until I had what I needed to realize my D.I.Y project and realize my Mike Hailwood replica which I had in mind since day 1.

I has not always been easy as I wanted to do everything myself (except the paintjob and the new leather on the seat), but I really enjoyed it.

For the moment I have the bike like I wanted but some other upgrades are still on my list ? a never ending story and passion for the Sport Classic.

The "Ducati Sport Classic España" Facebook group was born recently as well.

I can't wait to see and meet you at the X Raduno.

Ciao a tutti.




Duc SC 1000 S.jpg




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Thank you very much @Camillo for your kind words. I'll try to improve the bike or at least some details on the bike for the next Raduno.

It has been a pleasure to meet you, you're one of the few who participated at all the 10 editions. Hats off! 

By the way, I'll try to organise something in Spain and in case you want to join you're more than welcome.

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